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Monday, February 22, 2010


Vocalpoint is an online community with articles, surveys and message boards. Becoming a member lets you interact and become involved in product testing, samples and high-value coupons.

My most recent mailings from them have included coupons for FREE Del Monte fruit and FREE Starkist Tuna, along with coupons to share for each of these.

Vocalpoint will send periodic e-mails with website updates and quick polls and surveys. The more involved you are with the site, the more offers you seem to be eligible for. As long as you are opening their e-mails periodically and visiting the site once in a while you will receive little gifts in the mail from them (in the form of coupons and product tests).

They do ALOT with Kashi products. I never tried them until I became a member of this site. I have received numerous products and coupons with the Kashi label from them. I'm now an avid Kashi buyer :) I love their products!!!

Don't forget to check out the message boards to see what other 'mom' are talking about.

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